Airplane Walk Disco Dance – Basic Disco Move with Arms and Legs

This is a good disco dance move called The Airplane Walk. Not very complicated, but this isnt a complete dance, more of a disco motion you can add to other motions you have learned. Star with feet shoulder width apart. Put your hands together in front of you fingers touching tips and thumb ends touching, making a diamond shape of sorts. On beat two swing your right foot to the right, in a Put Your Right Foot Out move. Your leg will be at an angle and your arms need to match that angle – so your right arm will point down to your foot and your left arm will point to the left sky at the same angle. So both arms and 1 leg are all at the same angle. On beat 3 move your hands back to the diamond position and your right foot swings past your left foot. On beat 4 do the same as on beat 2 except its your LEFT foot at the angle and your 2 arms match that angle. Your legs are only parallel at the start beat 1. You never return to having your feet shoulder width apart, so you are in constant motion after the 1st beat. Good Luck!

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