Disco Warm-Up Dance – Essential Disco Hip Motions

The Hip-Warm-Up is also a basic introduction move. This is more of a movement than an actual dance. You need to be relaxed as you do this motion. Start with your feet shoulder width apart and swing your hips to the left on beat 1. On beat 2 you move your hips to the right. Your arms should be slightly bent and just motion your hands towards where you are swinging your hips. Do not move your arms in front of your body, just in the direction your hips are moving. So when you swing your hips to the left, your right arm will touch your opposite hip. Your left arm will slightly swing in the same direction of your hip. Beat 3 is to the right, beat 4 is to the left. You need to be relaxed and fluid with this warm-up, keeping your knees and elbows slightly bent. It may feel awkward at first – just feel the disco beat and move in a smooth fluid motion.

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