The Coaster Motion – Disco Dance Lesson

This is for couples – also called the ‘push-pull motion’.

Begin facing each other about 1 foot apart.

Beat 1 – the man swings left foot behild right and taps the floor. The woman does the opposite.

Beat 2 – the man swings left foot back to the start position. the woman does the opposite.

Beat 3 – man pushes back with left foot and steps on right foot, pushing the woman away. the woman pushes back on right leg and steps back on left leg.

Beat 3 1/2 – man brings left foot back next to right – the woman does the opposite.

Beat 4 – the man shifts back to right foot with arms ready to pull woman forward. the woman shifts back to left foot.

Beat 5 – man walks forward pushing with right foot. at the same time pull woman forward. woman walks forward on right foot.

Beat 6 – man walks forward on right foot lowering arms getting ready to repeat from Beat 1. the woman gets ready for Beat 1. This must be practiced over and over to get a smooth motion from beat 1 to beat 6

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