The Pace Step – Basic Dance Move in Disco Dancing

One of the key essential moves to master when learning to disco dance. This dance move was named The Pace Step as it was used at disco clubs as a way of still dancing but in a rest mode. There are many variations on this and you can use them to mix thing up.

How do you do this dance? Easy – you start with your feet about shoulder width apart, arms to the side. On beat two you move your left foot, as far as you comfortable can, to the right (past your right foot) and tap the floor. At the same time you move your arms in a swinging motion to the left. You keep your body facing forward during this whole Pace Step. You then return to the starting position on beat 3, and then do the opposite you did on beat 2. So, your arms are going one way, and your one foot goes the other way. Very basic. Try it with a real disco record.

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