The Slide – Fast Paced Disco Motions

The Slide is a mid-range disco dance you should only try if you have mastered the basic disco moves. This dance is similar to the Airplane Walk – the primary difference is where the opposite arm is pointing. Start – stand feet shoulder width apart and arms to the side. Beat 1 move your right foot to the right as far as you can and bend your left knee at the same time, moving your left and right arm to match the angle of your right leg. During this you will be lower to the ground and not standing at an upright position as in the Airplane Walk. Beat 2 move back to start position and without pause do the opposite of Beat 1. Beat 3 is back to the same as Beat 1. This is a quick motion dance. You do not Step to each beat, you slide your feet to each position in a smooth fluid motion.

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