Disco Radio Playlist

The We Got Disco Video Radio Station

We USED to have a station called “Welcome To The Disco” on Live365.

Here is our old playlist:

Air Power-Be Yourself-1979.mp3
Air Power-Welcome to the Disco-1979.mp3
A Taste of Honey-Rainbows End-1979.mp3
A Taste of Honey-Take the Boogae or Leave It-1979.mp3
A Taste of Honey-World Spin-1978.mp3
A Taste of Honey-Race-1979.mp3
A Taste of Honey-Boogie Oogie Oogie-1978.mp3
A Taste of Honey-Dance-1979.mp3
A Taste of Honey-Do It Good-1979.mp3
A Taste of Honey-I Love You-1979.mp3
Azar Lawrence-Cant Hide Love-1976.mp3
Azar Lawrence-Canticle for the Universe-1976.mp3
Azar Lawrence-Kickin Back-1976.mp3
Azar Lawrence-People Moving1976.mp3
Azar Lawrence-The Awakening-1976.mp3
Azar Lawrence-Theme for a New Day-1976.mp3
Blackbyrds-Enter In-1976.mp3
Blackbyrds-Party Land-1976.mp3
Blackbyrds-Time is Movin On.mp3
Blackbyrds-Unfinished Business.mp3
Blackbyrds-Blackbyrds Theme.mp3
Blackbyrds-Future Children_Future Hope.mp3
Blackbyrds-Love is Love.mp3
Blackbyrds-You Got That Something.mp3
Black Sun-Big Money-1978.mp3
Black Sun-Black Sun-1978.mp3
Blood Hollins-How Have You Been-1976.mp3
Brass Construction-Changin-1975.mp3
Brass Construction-Dance-1975.mp3
Brass Construction-Get to the Point-1976.mp3
Brass Construction-Ha Cha Cha-1976.mp3
Brass Construction-Love-1975.mp3
Brass Construction-Movin-1975.mp3
Brass Construction-Peekin-1975.mp3
Brass Construction-Sambo-1976.mp3
Brass Construction-Screwed-1976.mp3
Brass Construction-Talkin-1975.mp3
Brick-Southern Sunset-1976.mp3
Brick-Brick City-1976.mp3
Brick-Brick Intro-1979.mp3
Brick-By the Moonlight-1979.mp3
Brick-Dancin Man-1979.mp3
Brick-Good High-1976.mp3
Brick-Here We Come-1976.mp3
Brick-Well Love-1979.mp3
Cameo-Find My Way-1978.mp3
Celi Bee-Dancin Nuts-1979.mp3
Celi Bee-Donkey Donkey-1979.mp3
Celi Bee-Give it to Me-1979.mp3
Celi Bee-Its Love-1979.mp3
Celi Bee-Love Drops-1979.mp3
Cerrone-JJe Suis Music-1978.mp3
Chanson-All the Time You Need-1978.mp3
Chanson-Dont Hold Back-1978.mp3
Chanson-I Can Tell-1978.mp3
Charanga76-No Nos Pararan.mp3
Charles Adolphe-Musik.mp3
Charles Adolphe-Boogie.mp3
Charles Adolphe-Compliment.mp3
Charles Adolphe-Joui La Vie.mp3
Charles Adolphe-Loneliness.mp3
Charles Adolphe-Zetoils.mp3
Chic-Dance Dance Dance-1977.mp3
Chic-Est Ce Que Cest Chic-1977.mp3
Chic-Everybody Dance-1977.mp3
Chic-Sao Paulo-1977.mp3
Chic-Strike up the Band-1977.mp3
Chromium-Radar Angles-1979.mp3
Chromium-Fly on UFO-1979.mp3
Chromium-Beam On-1979.mp3
Chromium-Haunted Disco-1979.mp3
Chromium-Time Traveller-1979.mp3
Claudja Barry-johnny johnny please come home-1978.mp3
Claudja Barry-love machine-1978.mp3
Claudja Barry-Sexy Talkin Lover-1978.mp3
Claudja Barry-take it easy-1978.mp3
Cloud One-Atmosphere Strut-1976.mp3
Cloud One-Charleston Hopscotch-1976.mp3
Cloud One-Disco Juice-1976.mp3
Cloud One-Doin it all Night Long-1976.mp3
Cloud One-Dust to Dust-1976.mp3
Cloud One-Spaced Out-1976.mp3
Crown Heights Affair-Sex Trip-1976.mp3
David Christie-Come and Get It-1978.mp3
David Christie-Dont Stop Me I Like It-1978.mp3
David Christie-If Its the Real Thing-1978.mp3
Donna Summer-Je Taime-1978.mp3
Dynasty-Its Still a Thrill-1979.mp3
Elcoco-Dancin in Paradise.mp3
Ennio Morricone-Come Maddalena.mp3
Exile-Come on Over.mp3
Exile-How Could This go Wrong.mp3
Exile-Too Proud to Cry.mp3
Fatback Band-Disco Crazy-1976.mp3
Fatback Band-Night Fever-1976.mp3
Fatback Band-The Joint-1976.mp3
Fatback Band-Double Dutch-1977.mp3
Fatback-Do the Boogie Woogie.mp3
Fatback-Let me do it to You-1979.mp3
Fatback-Wild dreams-1979.mp3
First Choice-Hold Your Horses-1978.mp3
Foxy-Baby Im Leaving-1976.mp3
Foxy-Give Me a Break-1978.mp3
Foxy-Get Off Your Aahh and Dance-1976.mp3
Foxy-Lets Love-1976.mp3
Foxy-People Fall in Love While Dancing-1976.mp3
Foxy-Whats it Take-1976.mp3
Foxy-You Make Me Hot-1976.mp3
Ganymed-It Takes me higher-1978.mp3
Heatwave-Boogie Nights-1976.mp3
Hi Gloss-I want your love to last.mp3
Hi Gloss-im totally yours.mp3
Hott City-I Took His Money-1979.mp3
Hott City-Feelin Love-1979.mp3
Hott City-If All were Gonna Do is Dance-1979.mp3
Ida Radina-Make it a Night for Love-1978.mp3
Idris Muhammad-One with A Star-1977.mp3
Idris Muhammad-S-E-X-1977.mp3
Isaac Hayes Movement-After Five-1975.mp3
Isaac Hayes Movement-St Thomas Square-1975.mp3
Isaac Hayes Movement-Melody.mp3
Je Taime-Coeur a Coeur.mp3
Je Taime-Je Taime-.mp3
Je Taime-La Symphonie Africaine.mp3
Je Taime-On a Rien a Pedre-.mp3
Je Taime-Violation-.mp3
Juggy Murray Jones-Built for Speed-1976.mp3
Juggy Murray Jones-Disco Extraordinaire-1976.mp3
Jumbo-Loco loco-1976.mp3
Jumbo-Turn on to love-1976.mp3
La Charanga-No Nos Pararan-1979.mp3
La Charange-Amor Prohibido-1979.mp3
La Charange-C-U-B-A is Cuba-1979.mp3
Lalo Schifrin-Enchanted Flame-1979.mp3
Lalo Schifrin-No One Home-1979.mp3
Lalo Schifrin-Oh Darlin Life Goes On-1976.mp3
Lalo Schifrin-Baja-1976.mp3
Lalo Schifrin-Black Widow-1976.mp3
Lalo Schifrin-Dragonfly-1976.mp3
Lalo Schifrin-Flamingo-1976.mp3
Lalo Schifrin-Moonglow Picnic-1976.mp3
Lalo Schifrin-Turning Point-1976.mp3
Larry Page Orchestar-You Do It Good-1978.mp3
Larry Page Orchestra-Esctasy in You-1978.mp3
Larry Page Orchestra-Restless Senorita-1978.mp3
Larry Page Orchestra-Sunky Thighs-1978.mp3
Larry Page Orchestra-Try Me-1978.mp3
LAX-Dancin at the Disco-1979.mp3
LAX-Dont Stop-1979.mp3
LAX-Saturday Night Something Special-1979.mp3
LAX-Womans Ad Lib-1979.mp33
Linda Clifford-One of Those Songs-1976.mp3
Liquid Gold-Cmon and Dance-1979.mp3
Liquid Gold-My Babys Baby-1979.mp3
Liquid Gold-Secret Love-1979.mp3
Living Proof-Disco Boogie-1978.mp3
Living Proof-Move Your Body Part 1 and 2-1978.mp3
Livin Proof-Theme from Livin Proof-1978.mp3
Lonnie Smith-My Latin Sky-1978.mp3
Lonnie Smith-Sweet Honey Wine-1978.mp3
Love and Kisses-The_Most_Precious_Thing_in_my_Life.mp3
LTG Exchange-Waterbed.mp3
Mantus-Im So In Love With You-1979.mp3
Mantus-Rock It To the Top-1979.mp3
Mantus-Freestyle Rhythm.mp3
Mark Radice-Here I Go Falling in Love Again-1976.mp3
Mass Production-Strollin-1978.mp3
Metropolis-Go Get It-1978.mp3
Metropolis-Greatest Show on Earth-1978.mp3
Metropolis-Heres to You-1978.mp3
Metropolis-I Love NY-1978.mp3
Metropolis-New York is My Kind of Town-1978.mp3
Metropolis-Was That All-1978.mp3
Michael Zager Band-Lets all Chant-1978.mp3
Michael Zager Band-Soul to Soul-78.mp3
Montreal Sound-Lady-1979.mp3
Montreal Sound-keep on dreaming-1979.mp3
Montreal Sound-music-1979.mp3
Montreal Sound-one more time-1979.mp3
Muscle Shoals Horns-Born to Get Down-1976.mp3
Muscle Shoals Horns-Breakdown-1976.mp3
Muscle Shoals Horns-Bump De Bump Yo Boodie-1976.mp3
Muscle Shoals Horns-Get It Up-1976.mp3
Muscle Shoals Horns-Open Up Your Heart-1976.mp3
Muscle Shoals Horns-Whos Gonna Love You-1976.mp3
Musique-In the Bush-1978.mp3
Musique-Keep On Jumpin-1978.mp3
Musique-Summer Love Theme-1978.mp3
NCCU-Bull city party-1977.mp3
NCCU-Super trick-1977.mp3
New Ventures-Gotta Be Stronger-1976.mp3
New Ventures-The Stroke-1976.mp3
Night Moves Dance Instructions.mp3
Noel-Dancing is dangerous-1979.mp3
NYPA-Guess Im Gonna Cry-1977.mp3
NYPA-I Dont want to Work Today-1977.mp3
NYPA-I Got It-1977.mp3
NYPA-I Used to Hate it Til I Ate It-1977.mp3
NYPA-Three Thousand Miles from Home-1977.mp3
Originals-Been Decided-1977.mp3
Originals-Hurry up and Wait-1977.mp3
Ors-Body to Body Boogie.mp3
ORS-Moon Boots-1978.mp3
Paradise Express-We are one-1979.mp3
Pattie Brooks-After Dark-1978.mp3
Peoples Choice-Movin in All Directions.mp3
Peoples Choice-Opus De Funk.mp3
Peoples_Choice-A Mellow Mood.mp3
Rare Gems-Disco Jam-1978.mp3
Rare Gems-I Like Disco Music-1978.mp3
Rare Gems-Loves Hall of Fame-1978.mp3
Rare Gems-Make Your Life so Easy-1978.mp3
Rare Gems-Music is for Dancing-1978.mp3
Rare Gems-Million dollar disco-1978.mp3
Raul De Souza-Everybodys Got to Dance-1979.mp3
Raul De Souza-Fe No Me Nol-1979.mp3
Raul De Souza-Only When You Can-1979.mp3
Raul De Souza-Pleasurize-1979.mp3
Raul De Souza-Self Sealing-1979.mp3
Raul De Souza-Til Tomorrow Comes-1979.mp3
Raul De Souza-Up and At It-1979.mp3
Santa Esmeralda-The Wages of Sin-1978.mp3
Sassy-Theme from Disco 77.mp3
Satyr-Free and Easy-1976.mp3
Slick-Feelin Good-1979.mp3
Slick-Put Your Pants On-1979.mp3
Slick-Sexy Cream-1979.mp3
Slick-Space Bass-1979.mp3
Soieree-Do ou Love Me-.mp3
Soiree-Everlasting Love.mp3
Soiree-You Keep Me Hangin On.mp3
Soirre-You are the sunshine of my life.mp3
SOS-Dance and Free Your Mind-1976.mp3
Soul Children-Summer in the shade-1978.mp3
Sunny Gale-I Wanna Know-1976.mp3
Super Disco Band-Super Disco-1976.mp3
Super Disco Band-A Song For You-1976.mp3
Super Disco Band-Bedside Manners-1976.mp3
Super Disco Band-Clear Water-1976.mp3
Super Disco Band-Fire and Passion-1976.mp3
Super Disco Band-Hot Grease-1976.mp3
Sylverter-Disco Heat-1978.mp3
The Bob Crewe Generation-Menage a trois-1976.mp3
The Bob Crewe Generation-Street talk-1976.mp3
The Chequers-Undecided Love.mp3
The Choice Four-Hook It Up-1976.mp3
The New Ventures-Daylight-1976.mp3
The New Ventures-Superstar-1976.mp3
The Originals-down to love town-1977.mp3
The Originals-six million dollar man-1977.mp3
The Originals-You are a blessing to me-1977.mp3

The Salsoul Orchestra-Chicago Bus Stop-1975.mp3
The Salsoul Orchestra-Salsoul Hustle.mp3
The Salsoul Orchestra-Salsoul Rainbow-1975.mp3
The Salsoul Orchestra-Tale of Three Cities-1975.mp3
Voyage-Golden Eldorado.mp3
Voyage-Lets Fly Away.mp3
Voyage-Souvenirs-Kechak Fantasy-EasternTrip_Tahiti.mp3
Wright Bros Flying Machine-Leathermans Theme.mp3
Wuthering Heights-Wuthering Heights-1979.mp3
These tracks played in a RANDOM order.

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