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Disco Trivia as well as other 70's trivia.

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Facts about Disco:

Unofficially started in 1974

1974: One of the 1st disco hits was "Rock the Boat".
1975: KC and the Sunshine Band had several hits including "Get Down Tonight" and "That's the way I Like it".
1976: Walter Murphy had a hit with "A Fifth of Beethoven".
1977: Chic had a hit with "Everyody Dance".
1978: Chic had a mega hit with "Le Freak".
1977-1980 were the biggest years of disco, with numerous movies, being released including Saturday Night Fever, and Thank God Its Friday.

The 1979 Billboards top 10 contained mostly disco songs: Night Fever, Shadow Dancing, Le Freak, Stayin Alive, Boogie Oogie Oogie.

Some call July 12, 1979 the day disco died because of the Anti Disco event in Chicago called "Disco Demolition Night". This was an event at the White Sox Stadium where fans could get in to see the game by bringing a disco record and paying 98 cents admission fee. The records were collected and 'blown up' in the center of the baseball field. This was a 'protest' against a radio station, WDAI, going 'all disco'.

Disco went from being 'cool' to being way overdone in all media formats - Rock bands started doing 'disco' songs, tv commercials used 'disco' theme music, etc.

WKRP (80's TV show) featured an Anti-Disco DJ "Dr. Johnny Fever".

The music can never die.

WeGotDisco - Keepin Disco Alive

Delivers the disco, duh. no, good blog for disco fans!

Lots of Funk and Disco!

DanceNetRadio.com (radio)
Site features a whole lot of information on disco vinyl records, lots of photos - it is a DISCO portal from Brisbane Australia.


Disco Trivia as well as other 70's trivia.



Question from a site visitor:

Posted June 2008
Hello - around 76/77 - I heard a track which I think was Funk poss Soul - on The Greg Edwardes show on Capitol. I cant remember who the band was or the lable or what the song was called - but - the lyrics told a story about some guy that had gone to an old house in the country and one by one all the other guests started to dissapear until there was only him left and then the cops arrived and arrested him as the suspect , but there was the suggestion that someone else was doing all the killing etc.

I know its a long shot but its been flying about my head for 30 years + now and I'd love to be able to track it down. If you know what the track may be or you could mention it to other collectors , I would be very grateful.
- David

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